Day two

De eerste nacht slapen bijna alle baby’tjes best goed, jijzelf niet helaas. Je partner ook niet.

The first night, almost all babies sleep quite well, unfortunately not you. Neither does your partner. The little one murmurs, makes funny noises. A baby breathes more shallowly than we do. Changing and dressing is awkward, what was front and back again? Take it easy, don't stress, you can't get it wrong. After the first 24 hours, you will notice that your baby wants to drink more often at the breast (or bottle, today 20 ml per feeding). Now that the little one is rested, the idea is that he or she drinks fifteen minutes per breast every 3-4 hours so that both your breasts are stimulated. It's true that you haven't noticed any change in your breasts yet; Small amounts of colostrum come out. And that's good! Your baby should breastfeed well (at least 10 minutes) at least 6 times per 24 hours. Peeing is now often possible, in the diaper you sometimes see some pink 'powder', which are urates and is normal the first week. Only in books do you read about the motherly feeling you would have immediately when a baby is born. It's different for everyone. Being a mother is just as difficult to describe as, say, being an adult. It is hard to comprehend that this is your baby who will stay with you forever.