How do you prepare for childbirth? Around 34 weeks we have an appointment to discuss the delivery. A birth plan is allowed, but not mandatory. During this appointment, we will walk through all the questions you have regarding the delivery. We will also discuss where you want to give birth, what pain relief methods are available and what the advantages and disadvantages are. 

We always make sure to collect your preferences and demands and report them in your pregnancy file

you would still like to fill in a birth plan, take a look here: Childbirth cannot be planned. However, it is nice to take different scenarios into account. You can prepare yourself by means of a course or information meeting in the hospital.

Courses on offer https://hypnobirthingrandstad....

Hospital information


Make sure you order a maternity package from your health insurance company. This contains items that we use during childbirth, such as an umbilical clamp or cord ring. What do you take with you for a hospital birth?

The "flight suitcase", what's actually in there? Do you want to give birth at home in the bath? Look here to rent a birthing pool: