When do you call us?

Call us  06-53169871 when

  • labor appears to have started before 37 weeks
  • you have contractions for two hours every 4-5 minutes of 60 seconds during your first delivery Read more
  • you have contractions for an hour every 4-5 minutes of 60 seconds from your second delivery Read more

your waters have broken 

10% of deliveries start with the water breaking. Sometimes we break the water during childbirth. If your water breaks, it is important that you look at the color of the amniotic fluid. Clear amniotic fluid is often a little pink in color with white flakes or as clear as tap water. The striking thing about broken membranes is that you suffer from continuous and incessant fluid loss. This can be a whole wave or continuous small bits. If the amniotic fluid is not clear, but green, brown or yellow in color, the baby has defecated in the amniotic fluid. With this color, you should always call us, even at night. This is a reason to give birth in the hospital. When in doubt, put a sanitary napkin from your maternity package in your underpants and if it is wet you can often judge the color well. When in doubt, always call us. If it is clear amniotic fluid and your water breaks at night, you wait quietly until you have regular contractions or if nothing happens you try to go to sleep and call us in the morning to let us know. From the moment your water has broken, you are not allowed to have sex and no longer take a bath until the contractions have started. You should also measure your temperature every 4 hours. If you have a fever (38 degrees rectally), antibiotics will be started. You can give birth under our supervision up to 24 hours after your water breaks. No contractions after 24 hours? Then you go to the hospital for a consultation. There, they make an ECG (CTG) of the child to assess its condition. If this is correct, the hospital may also wait 48 hours before you are inducted. When the water breaks, it is also important to know whether the baby's head has descended properly. We say this to you during the pregnancy check-ups at our practice. If the head is not properly descended, you should lie down and call us immediately. Even at night. We will then come to your home to check whether the head has gone deeper.

    Breaking of the membranes