Common complications

Insufficient progress in the dilation. It's crazy when you have good contractions, but there's no progress. A birth that doesn't progress exhausts you. If you are very tired, the contractions will not just get stronger again. The problem with insufficient progress in dilation therefore lies primarily with the mother. And you would like powerful contractions for the baby, because that is also heavier for the baby. Every time your uterus pushes, the placenta has less blood flow. So that part shouldn't take too long.

The pain is unbearable.

Every woman experiences childbirth differently and also experiences the pain differently. Now, pain during childbirth cannot be completely avoided, but it is not meant to be traumatic. We will then go with you to the hospital and stay with you until you have the pain relief.

The baby has defecated in the amniotic fluid.

If the water breaks and the amniotic fluid is green, the baby has defecated in the amniotic fluid. It is unclear why they do this, but it is assumed that they have had a period of stress and have already defecated in the amniotic fluid as a result. In a normal delivery, we regularly listen to the baby's heartbeat, but not continuously. With meconium-containing amniotic fluid, you want to continuously monitor the baby's heart with a CTG (ECG) because it is easier to see if the baby is going through a period of stress again