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Your period didn't come, the test is positive! Exciting, happy, a little shocked, maybe it wasn't quite planned, maybe you need to get used to the idea.

The delivery

After you came for regular and more frequent check-ups during the pregnancy, everything continued to go well.


Even when your baby is born, we will visit you at home a number of times in the first week. Together with the maternity care specialist, we take care of you.

Our ultrasound practice

We perform all medical ultrasound scans during  the pregnancy.

Our experienced ultrasounds specialists are medical ultrasound specialists. We are proud to be able to keep all our services at one location.

Intake/first appointment

Your first check-up at the practice is usually around 9 weeks. During the first check-up, we will ask you and your partner questions about your health, work, give advice and take blood samples from you. We also listen to the heart with the doptone. With the information we collect from this check-up, we will make a personal plan for the pregnancy together with you. Of course there is room for questions and we will explain what you can expect from us. During the intake interview, we will also tell you, if desired, which examinations are possible during the pregnancy in which a possible condition or physical abnormality can be detected. This is the so-called prenatal screening.

Prenatal screening

You can have your unborn child examined for a number of abnormalities and chromosomal defects if you wish. We call this prenatal examination or prenatal screening

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Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, our assistant Rowan is happy to help you on 020-6151047 Always nearby!


For childbirth, blood loss, urgent complaints or urgent questions, you can call us day and night on 


Available day and night in case of emergency


If you have non-urgent questions, you can also send an app to our mobile number or send an email to info@verloskundigen-nwb.nl 

More than 50 years of experience!

Waarom verloskundigenpraktijk
Nieuw-West & Badhoevedorp?

  • Ervaren verloskundigen.
  • Veel ruimte voor jullie wensen.
  • We nemen de tijd voor jullie.
  • Goede contacten met omliggende ziekenhuizen.
  • 3D echo’s en medische echo’s in eigen praktijk
  • Spreekuur op meerdere locaties.
  • Persoonlijke, aandachtige zorg.
  • Wekelijks clientenoverleg.
  • Veel hele families onder zorg.

Ik ben zwanger! En nu?

  • Je kunt je direct bij ons aanmelden
  • Gebruik je al foliumzuur en vitamine D?
  • Gebruik je medicijnen? Overleg dit met ons of de huisarts
  • Let op je voeding, lees de adviezen van het voedingscentrum.

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