Ultrasound practice

The midwifery practice also has an ultrasound practice; Echocentrum Nieuw-West and Badhoevedorp, located at Pieter Calandlaan (medical centre).
Various medical ultrasounds can be performed during pregnancy.

Types of ultrasounds

During the pregnancy, if you want to make use of this, you will be offered a number of ultrasounds that are covered by your insurance

  • Vitality ultrasound 7-8 weeks
  • Term ultrasound 10-12 weeks
  • ETSEO (first trimester seo) 13 weeks
  • TTSEO (Second trimester seo) 20 weeks
  • Biometrics/growth ultrasound 30 and 34 weeks (on indication 28-32-35/6 weeks)
Your midwife may decide to make additional ultrasounds for medical reasons. These are also covered by your insurance.

  • At your own request (costs 40 euros)Fun ultrasound/gender ultrasound

Video Ultrasound

Complaint about an ultrasound?

If you have a complaint as a result of an ultrasound, you can contact the ultrasound center Nieuw West badhoevedorp and we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible and hopefully to your satisfaction. Are you unable to work it out with us? Or would you like help filing a complaint? Please contact the complaints officer of the CBKZ complaints.(Central Bureau for Complaints Management in Healthcare).

CBKZ is impartial, works independently and is happy to help you with support and advice. The complaints officer also mediates in finding a solution. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. The external complaints officer of the CBKZ can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday (from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:30) on 088 – 0245123. You can also send an email to klachtverloskunde@cbkz.nl. If there is a complaint about the performance of an ultrasound technician who is a member of the BEN (professional association of sonographers in the Netherlands), it is also possible to submit the complaint to the complaints committee of the BEN.

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