About us

What can you expect from us? Our practice consists of 5 permanent midwives. The ultrasound practice is also located at our practice. Every pregnant woman has several standard  ultrasounds. Sometimes extra ultrasounds are medically required.

The standard amount of consultations during the pregnancy is average 12-14 times, in the beginning monthly and at the end of the pregnancy weekly

Our vision

As medical professionals, we aim to offer good medical care with plenty of room for your wishes. It is our job to explain to you why we provide which care, so that even if things go differently than you have imagined, it is still a joint process. 

Your health and the health of your baby is our priority.

Who are we

Who are we

As a little girl I already knew for sure; I want to be a midwife! My youngest brother is 6 years younger and I liked to go with him to the midwife. I graduated in 1997 and have been working in this practice since 1998 with great pleasure

Who are we

Ik ben Thessa de Bode en ik ben geboren in Leiden. In de jaren 80 ben ik geëmigreerd naar het warme Curacao met mijn ouders.
In 1997 ben ik weer terug naar nederland gekomen om hier Medische Biologie te studeren. Een paar jaar verder besefte ik dat ik niet op mijn plek zat en kwam ik erachter dat de verloskunde

Who are we


Midwife/ Medical Ultrasound specialist

name is Marie-Jose and since 2008 I have my own ultrasound practice with the midwives. After having my own midwifery practice in Geuzenveld from 1993 onwards, I made the switch to ultrasound and working as a midwife in the hospital. At the ultrasound consultation you can meet me, my colleague Jose, Hanneke or Nadia.

Who are we

Saar van Laar


My name is Saar, I am 37 years old and I am the mother of two beautiful children (5 and 11 years old). After working for a while in the IJmond/Uitgeest region, I ended up at this fine practice 3 years ago. Back in the region where I once, almost ten years ago, started my very first internship as a midwife in training!! For me, midwifery is the most beautiful profession I can think of. Birth care in the Netherlands is unique in the world and we can be proud of that. It is always an honour to be involved in something as special as the birth process and pregnancy. I bring my own experiences as a mother of two beautiful children (11 and 5) into my work. Both births were beautiful, formative experiences (a very smooth home birth and a long medical birth) that I look back on very positively. Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are often an intensive period in a person's life. The adjustment to parenthood is wonderful and can be overwhelming at times. As a midwife, I think it is important to guide this process with attention to all the emotions that come with it. In addition to my work as a midwife, I am sTudying (social) psychology at the university for extra depth. Motherhood, parenthood... not always a pink cloud. I think it is very important that this is not a taboo and that it can be discussed. I see it as a big and important aspect of my work, to support pregnant women in this as well. 

I enjoy my work and working with other strong female colleagues.  

Welcome to our beautiful practice!

Who are we

My name is Bouchra, born and raised in Haarlem. In the last year of high school, I stumbled upon midwifery . A medical study that had the combination I had in mind. To be able to be involved in such a special period in someone's life and hopefully to be able to really mean something to someone. I did my first internship at this practice!. Some clients may remember me from that time. After a period of working for several practices, I am back at Nieuw West and Badhoevedorp where I feel completely at home! 

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