What to arrange

What to arrange? There is a lot coming your way. An exciting time. There are a number of things that need to be properly arranged during pregnancy. Click here to hear what needs to be arranged. 

Don't forget to let your work know about your pregnancy? You can easily request a pregnancy certificate from us by e-mail.

Every pregnant woman in the Netherlands has the right to postnatal maternity care. This is unique in the world.

Kraamzorg is the term that is given to the medical service provided by a kraamverzorgende (maternity aide) to the new mother. Maternity aide ia a trained professional who will provide a range of services.

Guiding the mother through the feeding, bathing and taking care of their baby, physically as well as emotionally.

She can guide you to recognise the baby's needs and how to attend to them

Assistence during a home birth. Besides the fact that the dutch midwives are medical professionals/paramedics with specialisation in birth, prenatal and postnatal care and paediatrics, the kraamverzorgende (maternity aide) is also trained to assist the midwive during a homebirth.

Monitoring the health of the mother and newborn baby. She reports back to the midwife.

Ensuring the environment is at an appropriate level of hygiene. She cleans the sanitary facilities in the house. Because she helps with light household duties she ensures you as a mother get sufficient rest.

She weighs the baby, measures the temperature and checks the healing process/stitches (if applicable) ,involution of the uterus.

Arrange kraamzorg (postnatal maternity care) in advance; They will help you get started in the first 8 days and help us with a home birth.  Read more Postpartum aide