Intake/first appointment

Your first check-up at the practice is usually around 9 weeks and takes 45 minutes. During the first check-up, we will ask you and your partner questions about your health. Do diseases or birth defects run in the family? How did a possible previous pregnancy and delivery go? We will give you advice and take blood samples from you to determine your glucose, hemoglobin (iron supply), hepatitis, lues, HIV, blood type, rhesus c and D and blood group antibodies. If possible, we listen to the heart with the doptone. With all the information we collect during this check-up, we will make a personal plan for the pregnancy together with you.Of course there is room for questions and we will explain what you can expect from us. During the intake interview, we will also tell you, if desired, which examinations are possible during the pregnancy in which a possible condition or physical abnormality can be detected. This is the so-called prenatal screening. You can read more about this at: